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Tech Tips Central hopes to be your go-to site for the latest product reviews and information. Join in on the discussion, share your ideas and have fun.

This site is currently and will continue to be under development. Please bear with us as we continually add new content and exciting new features.

So who are we?

We’re geeks. We’re nerds. Whatever you want to call us – We just love technology. Whether working in a repair shop or maintaining our own builds, it’s what we do.

Also, we’re not rich by any means so we won’t be able to do a lot of hands-on reviews -yet, but we’ll do our best to provide as many as possible. In the interim we want to give tutorials and software reviews. And we’ll try to be funny along the way. Don’t judge us to hard.

That’s really all there is to know about the Tech Tips crew. We look forward to you joining in on the conversation.

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